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Doctor of Nursing Science

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Susan L. Instone, RN, CS, PNP, DNSc, Chair; Diane C. Hatton, RN, CS, DNSc; Dorothy Kleffel, RN, DNSc


Ethnography, formerly homeless, Grounded theory, homelessness, nursing, Public policy


This grounded theory study explored the experiences of formerly homeless individuals and families who have moved from homelessness into stable housing. This was an ethnographic study and involved the researcher staying in an east coast shelter where some of the formerly homeless participants had become staff members and reside. Data analysis was informed by dimensional analysis. Moving out of homelessness was the studies perspective. Findings of the study revealed the following dimensions that related the formerly homeless's experiences: (a)reacting to circumstances, or how they became homeless; (b)surviving as homeless, or how they lived while homeless; (c)crossing the fine, or what moved them to get out of the homeless life; (d)living past homelessness; and, (e)giving back. Findings of this study have implications for: (a)public policy making; (b)program development for homeless shelters; (c)health clinic staff that serve the homeless population; and, (d)future nursing research.

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Dissertation: Open Access



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Nursing Commons