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PhD Nursing

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Cynthia D. Connelly, PhD, RN, FAAN, Chairperson; Kathy Shadle James, DNSc, APRN; Pablo Velez, PhD, RN


clinical outcomes, Diabetes, discharge planning, Hyperglycemia, inpatient glycemic management, nursing


This dissertation study examined the relationship of glucose control with clinical outcomes, costs, discharge planning and education. Extant studies showed that hyperglycemia, in the presence or absence of a diabetes diagnosis, is prevalent in hospitalized patients. Hyperglycemia is found in one-third of all hospital admissions and is linked to poor clinical outcomes and increased healthcare costs. Furthermore, clinical evidence suggests that lack of discharge coordination associated with medical errors and readmission. This entire body of work contains three distinct sections: Two manuscripts and a grant proposal. The two manuscripts in this study were based on more current retrospective data at the time of the study. The first manuscript "Inpatient glycemic management: relationship among glucose control, clinical outcomes and costs" discussed the results on glucose control, clinical outcomes and costs by provider groups. The second manuscript "Inpatient glycemic management: team approach in diabetes education and discharge planning" discussed the outcomes of improved discharge planning and coordination with the intervention of the glycemic management team. The grant proposal "Inpatient glycemic management: clinical and economic impact of changing from sliding scale insulin to basal-bolus" was awarded $105,000 funding by a private pharmaceutical company. The study associated with the grant funding was a completely separate study done in collaboration with the grantor.

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Dissertation: Open Access



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