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EdD Doctor of Education

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Robert E. Nelson, EdD; Susan M. Zgliczynski, PhD; Jerome J. Ammer, PhD


children & youth, education, educational programs, Intellectual disability, parents & parenting, Saudi Arabia


The major purposes of this study were to identify the involvement level of parents in their EMR children's education in Saudi Arabia, and to investigate the effect of selected demographic variables on the parents' level of involvement. Subjects were (N=338) male parents of EMR boys and (N=252) female parents of EMR girls enrolled in EMR schools in Saudi Arabia. The study design was based on a questionnaire developed to identify the level of involvement of parents at school, with other parents, at home, and in the community, and to investigate the effect of selected demographic variables on parental involvement. The Chi-square, t-test, and descriptive methods were used in analyzing the data. The results indicated that out of 590 surveys distributed, 442 parents responded. Among these responses, 372 were included in the analysis. A major finding was that total parental level of involvement was generally low. Analysis of the relationship between selected demographic variables and the parental involvement level showed that a higher level of involvement was obtained by: (a) female parents; (b) parents of children in female schools; (c) parents of only one handicapped child; (d) parents of children in daytime program; and (e) parents who spend time with their children at home in educational activities. Other findings indicated a statistically significant difference between parents’ willingness and actual level of participation in their children's education. As a result of these findings, it was suggested that educational authorities in Saudi Arabia should encourage more parental involvement using the following procedures: (a) developing family counseling services; (b) providing public transportation for children; (c) encouraging better homeschool communication; (d) creating awareness between school professionals to deal effectively with parents; and € issuing regulations to assure the parent rights of involvement. Further research was recommended to include both parents of a child and to investigate the school attitudes toward parental involvement.

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Dissertation: Open Access