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EdD Doctor of Education

Dissertation Committee

Jan Writer, PhD, Director; William P. Foster, EdD; Patricia Lowry, PhD


administrators, children & youth, Costa Rica, education, school programs, special education services, teachers


An analysis of Costa Rica special education services was developed with the objective of analyzing its school programs, its university teacher training programs and the quality overall of services provided in the country. Program indicators of quality special education services were delineated with the purpose of comparing the degree to which these indicators were present in the special education programs of Costa Rica. Questionnaires, interviews, observations, and a review of literature were used to obtain a comprehensive description of special education services in Costa Rica. A quality special education school was subsequently designed based on the quality educational programs indicators and the needed educational aspects deemed necessary to serve children and youth who are handicapped in Costa Rica. Three professional groups from Costa Rica were included in the sample: teacher educators, special education teachers, and special education administrators. Results show specific information about the special education services in the country and the main suggestions from the professionals to improve those services. Suggestions and recommendations for further research studies were given as well as an outline of the main national educational concerns that require action.

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Dissertation: Open Access