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EdD Doctor of Education

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Patricia Lowry, PhD, Director; Jerome Ammer, PhD; Edward Kujawa Jr., PhD


Diocese of San Diego (San Diego, CA), Catholic education, historical perspective, inclusive education, Leadership studies, Roman Catholic Schools, school administration, Special education


The focus of this research was to examine the history of inclusive education and gain insight from its development in selected Roman Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego. Throughout history, Catholic education has viewed inclusivity as a “faith call” and a responsibility for teaching all children. Inclusive education refers to the commitment to educate students with special needs, to the maximum extent appropriate, in the school and classroom they would otherwise attend. It encourages educators to make those changes necessary to address diversity in the classroom, thus enhancing the education of all students by preparing them for the kind of diversity they will face in the real world. The historical method of study was used for this research because it emphasizes tracking the development of a phenomenon over a period of time. Unveiling the evolution of inclusive education in Catholic schools can act as a catalyst to improve programs in today's schools. It can assist educators in developing a better understanding of inclusive education as an ongoing process and may serve to underscore the deep social and religious commitment as well as the resources required on the part of the educators, students, and parents to help inclusive education evolve into a meaningful societal tool.

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