Date of Award


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EdD Doctor of Education

Dissertation Committee

Dr. Ian Pumpian; Dr. Douglas B. Fisher; Dr. Nancy Frey


Chief Executive Officer--CEO, Leadership studies, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipients, organizational excellence, senior executives, strategic planning, workplace learning function, workplace learning professionals


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role the learning function plays in the pursuit of organizational excellence with the goal of identifying key factors, models and descriptions of successful workplace learning practices. A total of six Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipients, one from each Baldrige sector participated in this study. Data was collected through in depth, semi-structured, face-to-face interviews with the person responsible for workplace learning or their representative in each organization. The findings indicated that workplace learning professionals should be part of the strategic planning process within an organization and that workplace learning benefits strongly from the support of the senior executives and the CEO or equivalent. The findings also supported current research regarding workplace learning evaluations and delivery methods.

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Dissertation: Open Access