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EdD Doctor of Education

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Nancy Frey, PhD; Douglas B. Fisher, PhD; Fred J. Galloway, PhD


community colleges, demographics, educational goals, face-to-face courses, financial aid status, higher education, high school performance measures, online courses, predictors, student grades, student success


There is an increased demand for online course offerings in community colleges while there is also an increased demand for college accountability. Many analyses examine persistence and completion rates as indicators of student success. This analysis focuses on grade outcomes. Although this traditional view of success is somewhat narrow, it will provide a starting point for an examination of online student success. This study examines to what extent the academic success of online and face-to-face course takers can be explained by student demographics, financial aid status, educational goals, and select high school performance measures. It, then, explores similarities and differences between the finding for online and face-to-face courses.

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Dissertation: Open Access