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EdD Doctor of Education

Dissertation Committee

Susan M. Zgliczynski, PhD; Carolyn Downey, PhD; Judith Liu, PhD


Asian Americans, Delphi study, educational leadership, K-12, Leadership studies, minority & ethnic groups, principals, public schools, school administration, women


The research on educational leadership has largely excluded the perspectives of women and minorities. As school age populations become increasingly diverse, the need for principals from diverse backgrounds also increases. However, the research data shows that females and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in educational leadership positions. In an effort to address the lack of minority females in educational leadership, particularly Asian American females, more research needs to be conducted on their perceived barriers to upward mobility, as well as their perceptions of educational leadership. Only when the voices of Asian American female minority administrators are heard, will they be better able to contribute, and inform leadership practice, recruitment and preparation programs in the field of education. In order to add to the literature, a Delphi study was conducted to gain some insight into the perceived barriers and enablers of Asian American female principals who have successfully navigated the route to educational administration. This document presents the research conducted and its findings.

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Dissertation: Open Access