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Spring 5-25-2019

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Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Semira Semino-Asaro, PhD, APRN


Postpartum depression affects one in every seven women and anxiety is estimated to range from 13-21% in new mothers. Risk factors include prior diagnosis of depression, family history of depression, having medical complications during childbirth including a premature baby and a lack of social, emotional support. The purpose of this evidence-based practice project was to increase the amount of data gathered by a local perinatal support organization by analyzing the callers’ demographics through phoneline surveys and use the information to expand resources and access to care for mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). The project was guided by John Hopkin’s Model. The volunteers screened callers’ on how they heard about the perinatal support organization’s phone line resource, language, insurance, zip code, ethnicity, the age range of mothers calling, the number of children the mother has and if applicable if the mother had any symptoms of PMADs with prior children. Individuals claiming to have the state’s low-income government insurance was identified as one of the highest groups in need of PMADs resources. Most reported age ranges were in the typical birthing range, 25-34. Out of the women who reported that they had more than 1 child and had previous experience with PMADs, only half reported that they sought help at the time for their symptoms. More studies on the use of a telephone support service are needed to address the gaps for understanding maternal health. Telephone helplines can play an important role in helping to overcome barriers to care and provides accessible mental health support resources to families in need.

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