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Genome editing, also referred to as “gene editing” or “gene therapy,” is no longer a theoretical eventuality of scientific progression; it is a reality of modern life. One of the numerous groups affected by this technology is athletes as “gene doping” becomes a more viable option to improve athletic performance each year. Some international agencies have begun to address the issues presented by gene doping, but there is no comprehensive international framework or regulations on the proper standards of use or punishment for those who abuse this new technology. International agencies must work together to establish regulations for human genome experiments and gene doping while these technologies are still in the infancy of their development. While unregulated, these technologies are dangerous and ripe for misuse. Without appropriate regulations, future controversies surrounding the misuse of genome editing can halt the growth of this powerful technology. The proper regulations must be set immediately, not to prevent the development of human genome therapy, but to ensure the safe and ethical progression of this technology.