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In the following pages, you will find these narrative stories along with supplemental information to provide a deep understanding of the conflict and one person’s journey within it. These supplements include a brief biography of the peacemaker, a historical summary of the conflict, a timeline integrating political developments in the country with personal history of the peacemaker, a question-and-answer transcript of select interviews, and a table of best practices in peacebuilding as demonstrated by the peacemaker.

Sylvie Maunga Mbanga, a lawyer by training, works with local organizations in the fight against sexual violence against women in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Formerly coordinator of the program against sexual violence for the Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO) and Church in Action, as well as the program officer for the peacebuilding and conflict transformation program at the Life and Peace Institute, Mbanga consults for other agencies and groups, providing counseling and legal services to victims of rape and sexual violence. With ICCO, she developed strategic and holistic interventions to assist victims, including the provision of psychological counseling and medical care, legal services and access to the judicial system, and economic support in the form of income-generating activities and skills building. For the Life and Peace Institute, Mbanga was charged with implementing programs on good governance and coordinating research activities.

Mbanga also works to resolve ethnic conflicts within communities in the provinces of North and South Kivu. She has facilitated dialogue between the Banyamulenge community and other local groups such as the Babembe and Baviro. The dialogue sessions and subsequent cultural exchanges between the groups led to the founding of an ethnically mixed organization that raises awareness about the need for further communication and tolerance.

Mbanga has served as a radio correspondent for the French/Swahili service of Voice of America, covering local women’s peacebuilding initiatives and issues of women’s leadership, and is a member of Synergy for Women Victims of Sexual Violence and Action by Christians Against Torture.

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peacebuilding, Women PeaceMakers, Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC


Peace and Conflict Studies

HEALING THE WOUNDS OF WAR: The Peacebuilding Work of Silvie Maunga Mbanga of the Democratic Republic of the Congo