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San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law


Yijin J. Lee

Library of Congress Authority File


By exploring the history of the United States’ legislative efforts in dealing with the problems deforestation has caused and the origins of the Lacey Act, it is possible to understand the inspiration behind the 2008 amendments to the act. Further, exploring the minute details of the Lacey Act amendments and understanding how the amendments have changed the power and meaning behind the original Lacey Act highlights the amendments’ strengths and weaknesses. Also, in understanding how the new amendments are being implemented and enforced, it is possible to see which federal agencies are putting force behind the words of the Lacey Act, and how companies can improve their compliance out of an effort to combat the problems of illegal logging as well as protect themselves legally and financially from committing a violation. Finally, by evaluating suggested solutions to addressing the amendments’ weaknesses and understanding its restraints, it is possible to clearly see the main point of weakness behind the Lacey Act amendments while still appreciating the value behind its unprecedented status as the world’s first ban on illegal logging.