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This Article explores the growth of rooftop solar and the future of net metering through the debates and policies of Nevada and California. Part II details the recent, rapid growth and projected future growth of solar power in the United States. Part II also describes how Nevada and Californiaare leading the nation in utilization of solar power and are already addressing issues that are likely to emerge in other areas of the country. Part III begins with a brief introduction to net metering and the national scope of net metering program reviews. Part III concludes with a summary of the most recent changes to each states net metering laws. Part IV contains a comparative analysis of five key legislative and regulatory factors influencing how net metering will develop in the future. The elements are the interaction between renewable portfolio standards and net metering programs, solar photovoltaic (PV) incentive programs, time-of-use rates, electricity sector decoupling, and comprehensive electric grid planning. Part V summarizes key findings from our research and provides lessons learned for other states considering evolving their net metering programs. Part VI concludes this article with a forward-looking assessment of the challenges facing net metering.