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This study focused on philanthropic organizations that are engaged in organized grantmaking in San Diego County. The bulk of the organizations studied are classified as private foundations; data that describe other important grantmaking organizations—i.e., San Diego’s community foundations, selected corporate giving programs, and the United Way of San Diego—also were analyzed.

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Fall 2008

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nonprofit, non-profit, nonprofit institute, caster, family, center, philanthropy, philanthropic, university of San Diego, San Diego, Foundations, Grantmaking, Social Impact, Capacity Building, Corporate giving


Nonprofit Administration and Management


This report is a collaboration between San Diego Grantmakers and the University of San Diego’s Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research.

San Diego Grantmakers and the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research extend special thanks to the Westreich Foundation for its continued support of both organizations. Additionally, we thank David Murray and Foundation Search, Bryan Winke Design, Beth Jarosz and SANDAG, Tim McCarthy, and Lori Finch for their additional work on this report.

2008 The Grantmaking Report: Foundation and Corporate Giving in the San Diego Region