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Fall 9-2004

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Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

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Post print but with minor revisions (Jan 2021) to the final manuscript that was sent to publisher in 2004. Changes include a revised title.


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To describe and compare patient perceived barriers and motivators and decision-making conflict between two groups of hospitalized patients, those who receive flu vaccines and those who do not.

Data Sources

Data collection during 2003 included extracting data from databases and mailing two surveys to 436 discharged patients. One hundred eight (108) patients participated in the study.


Top barriers included fear of side effects from vaccine (35%) and fear of contracting the flu (30%). Top motivators for obtaining a flu vaccine included previous vaccination (93%) and provider recommendation (62%). Barriers, motivators and patient decisional conflict differed depending upon patient vaccination status.

Implications for Practice

Given the potential negative consequences of contracting the flu, prevention is the best strategy. Prevention is contingent upon motivating patients to obtain an annual flu vaccine. Recommending flu vaccinations, offering vaccinations in convenient locations free of charge and discussing perceived barriers with patients may increase vaccinations among high-risk patients. Helping to clarify the advantages and disadvantages from the patient’s perspective may decrease decisional conflict and increase vaccination rates.


This manuscript reflects minor changes made in 2021, including a revised title, to the final version of the manuscript sent to the journal publisher in 2004.

The original 2004 version, titled "Flu Vaccines and Patient Decision Making: What We Need to Know" is attached as an additional file.

Original 2004 publication citation:

Mayo, A. & Cobler, S. (2004). Flu Vaccines and Patient Decision Making: What We Need to Know. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 16(9), 402-410.