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Pisa – La Torre pendente e abside del Duomo - Leaning Tower and Apsis of the Cathedral - La Tour penchée et Abside de la Cathédrale – Schiefer Turm und Absis der Kathedrale


Kathleen [Pisa, Italy]


Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Lamb [San Diego, California]

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Tues. – 6/29 Dear Pat, Larry et al – Just returned to Rome from Florence, which is fabulous! While there, tool a 1-day side trip to Pisa. That tower really leans! It’s especially no cable when climbing the stairs – you slip from one side of the step to the other. We went to the very top where you see the railing – beautiful view – you can see the Mediterranean. It has been very warm – 97 in Rome for several days – and Florence even worse! Decided to skip our stay in Paris – too many poor people. Leaving for Dublin tomorrow – love – Kathleen

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Pisa (Italy), Leaning Tower (Pisa, Italy), Duomo (Pisa, Italy), Catholic churches, Bell towers


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