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San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge - The San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge is eight and one-quarter miles long. It was built at a total cost of 97,000,000. Its lofty span stretches from the anchorage in San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island, and continues to the eastern approaches of Oakland and Berkeley.


E. Denning, RSCJ [San Francisco, California]

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It was all so perfect, dear Mother Clarke, that it is useless to try to put to words all that one feels. It is not enough to say that it was WORTHY of Reverend Mother Vicar? That she loved it all, after it was over, was most evident, and you did want to make her happy--and you richly succeeded. As we were all weary Nuns coming home on the train I just wonder how "you all" felt. That you survived a first class miracle, and still you all looked very well, especially the dear Jubilarian. I moan and groan inwardly when I think of the aftermath of it all--the things to be taken down, covered,folded and put into place. The clean up job will not take as long as did the preparations. So, dear Mother, many thanks for all, and may you live to have your GOLDEN JUBILEE!! Love, and gratitude from, Affectionately, in CJM., [illegible]

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