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PHIL 332: Business Ethics

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Oral History

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Spring 3-28-2017


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Philosophy

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COMPASSION IT is a nonprofit organization and social movement that inspires compassionate actions in the lives of every person we reach. We believe that when you "compassion it" in your daily life, you can positively impact the entire world.

Sara Schairer, the founder of COMPASSION IT, is a Stanford University-certified teacher of compassion. The knowledge she gained from her Stanford training informs the programs and workshops that she and her team offer.

COMPASSION IT's products and programs spread compassion around the world. Classrooms in Costa Rica, the Parliament of Botswana, homes in Nepal, small-town America and businesses in San Diego have embraced COMPASSION IT's simple message. In fact, COMPASSION IT is already in more than 49 countries!

Our wristbands make compassion accessible. They are an effective and tangible tool for introducing the concepts of compassion and mindfulness in homes, schools, workplaces and hospitals. COMPASSION IT wristbands influence positive behaviors through a pass-it-on ripple effect, and have an impact of peace and mindfulness that affects everyone.

All money from your purchase of wristbands is recycled back into COMPASSION IT operations and programs, including compassion education, communication efforts, and, of course, producing more wristbands that will travel the globe.

Remember, we can each do something small to make a big change in our world: COMPASSION IT!