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This Comment examines the situation resulting from large numbers of undocumented aliens entering the United States. Particular attention is given to why legislative proposals of sanctions for employers who hire undocumented aliens should be enacted. In addition, recommendations of the President's Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy and proposals for amnesty relief, and temporary worker programs are analyzed in relation to an overall immigration package. Congressional Review of Suspension of Deportation and the Doctrine of Separation of Powers It has long been argued that an alleged conflict exists between the doctrine of separation of powers and the congressional veto. This Comment analyses Chadha v. INS, a Ninth Circuit decision that constitutes an attempt by the judiciary to resolve this long-standing issue. Chadha involves a challenge to the constitutionality of the congressional review of suspension of deportation as being a violation of separation of powers. The Comment suggests that the time has come for Congress to release its hold on the suspension process. This conclusion is based on an analysis of both practical and constitutional factors. The U.S. Supreme Court's recent granting of certiorari in Chadha indicates the possibility of a final resolution of this issue.