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Roland W. Wood

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In 1961, California launched a program to control and treat narcotics addicts. This Article reviews the legislation authorizing the program and the commitment procedures, discusses the inpatient/outpatient treatment flowing from such commitment, and analyzes the progress since the program's initiation. This article also looks at research programs conducted by the California Rehabilitation Center concerning the physiological, psychiatric, psychological, and sociological aspects of narcotics addition, and focuses on the attitudes of the patients. The first phase of rehabilitation, the institutional treatment, or "inpatient" treatment, focuses on therapy. The second phase of rehabilitation, the adjustment to community living, or "outpatient" treatment, focuses on survival. The author concludes that the California Rehabilitation Center is designed to get addicts off the streets, provide treatment for addicts, control and assist the patient in readjusting to life in the community, and providing additional treatment.

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