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Ronald R. Rose

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In 1990, Congress attempted to fill a long-standing void in the United States immigration laws by providing an updated immigrant investor visa codified as section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The old, obsolete immigrant investor visa had only required a $40,000 investment. The new visa generally requires a $1,000,000 investment. The demand for this new higher priced version has, however, been exceedingly low. Although this immigrant investor visa category allows for 10,000 visa issuances per year, only 78 were issued in fiscal 1992 and no more than 500 are expected to be issued in fiscal 1993. This Article examines negative factors suppressing demand for the immigrant investor visa and recommends constructive changes designed to allow the visa to reach its fullest potential as a vehicle for attracting foreign investment and creating American jobs.