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Wulf A. Kaal

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Part I of this Article introduces the issue of hedge fund registration and the tension between regulators and the hedge fund industry regarding the appropriate level of regulatory oversight. After a short introduction of historical attempts to register hedge fund managers, Part II describes the legal requirements in the Dodd-Frank Act pertaining to hedge fund managers. Over fifty years of low-level regulatory oversight for the hedge fund industry came to an end with the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act. Part III outlines the methodological approach of the survey study. It introduces the survey instrument, data sources, sampling, coding, and coding constraints, and evaluates possible selection bias issues. Part IV discusses the results of the survey study with descriptive statistics, and Part V presents the substantive results of the study in summary graphs. Part VI summarizes the key findings and discusses implications for hedge fund policy. It also evaluates limitations of the survey study and possible implications for future research.