Immigration Advocates including lawyers, community organizers and other direct service providers based in Tijuana/San Diego worked through four years of especially rampant attacks on the rights of immigrants during the Trump Administration. Providing resources, support and access to immigration processes on the border during this time period was extremely challenging. The testimony and experience of advocates speaks to their passion, commitment and dedication to the advancement of the rights of immigrants.

This project uplifts the voice and experience of immigration advocates doing grassroots work in Tijuana and San Diego during the Trump Administration. Students were paired into teams to interview and engage with an immigration advocate based in Tijuana and San Diego. Each team recorded and edited an immigration advocate’s video or audio testimony. They serve as permanent testaments to the work of hundreds of immigration advocates along the U.S./Mexico Border. Through this engagement experience students learn the impact of policy on the lives of thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers from the perspective of those who accompany and serve this population.