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Spring 5-10-2022

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Action research project: Open access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


In this study, I have investigated the ways in which Black queer and trans students have (or have not) fostered community, lived authentically, and benefitted from support of their identity development. I explored what support (or lack thereof) and identity development that exists within the realm of predominantly White higher educational institutions as well as San Diego community resources at large. This study approach consisted of conducting strategic outreach to universities in San Diego, California, and building community circles to facilitate processes of qualitative narrative analysis. This led to an intentional focus group dialogue space that allowed the participants to put their wishes for Black queer thriving into voice and practice. This study will provide a framework for future coalition building for Black queer and trans populations in the San Diego area. This grants the opportunity to pioneer innovative and strategic collaborative methods to move Black queer and trans students from a state of surviving to thriving.

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