Publication Date

Spring 5-5-2018

Document Type

Action research project: USD users only.

Degree Name

MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


The purpose of this study was to explore and understand why students are not involved at the University of San Diego (USD). My research question is: How can I help the Student Leadership Involvement and Changemaking (SLIC) better understand the experiences of students who are uninvolved at USD? Participants for this study included involved and uninvolved students at USD. After conducting this research and learning more about students’ involvement experiences, I have strengthened my professional practice in designing, programming and/or changing a structure of our department to make it more engaging and welcoming to students. Understanding some of the students’ involvement experiences at USD helped create recommendations for restructuring involvement initiatives such as the Involvement Consultant (IC) program, the Alcalá Bazaar, as well as the promotion of events and extracurricular activities around campus.

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