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Spring 4-25-2018

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Capstone project: USD users only

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


There is limited research on female student-athletes dealing with pregnancy in college. Since this is such an unfamiliar topic for most universities, there is no universal Pregnant Student Athlete Policy put into place to protect female athletes. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has an NCAA Model Pregnancy and Parenting Policy that is intended to protect pregnant student-athletes. However, it is recommendations and is not required for universities to implement. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the current research about collegiate pregnant student-athletes and in turn make critiques and fill in the gap where information is needed. In order to fill in the gaps, this paper uses the experiences and feedback of former pregnant student-athletes. The study ultimately provides a Student Athlete Pregnancy Act that all universities should implement in order to protect the needs of pregnant student-athletes. This act is intended to guide and educate pregnant student-athletes, coaches, players, athletic departments and universities. Ultimately, the paper found that student-athlete still didn’t understand their rights and resources that are available to them. As a result, a recommendation in this paper is the need to create an educational workshop that can lead to open communication and a space where student-athletes can ask questions and get educated on the Student Athlete Pregnancy Act and their rights. This workshop can create a sports culture that is proactive. The paper concludes that a proactive culture can help universities be able to conquer any problems when faced with a pregnant student-athlete in the future.