Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2017

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Capstone project: Open access

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


Regardless of what divides us as a global community, whether it be location, religion, ethnicity, politics, etc., it is generally agreed upon that the future of our increasingly complex world lies in the hands of our youth. As we, the current decision makers in society, continue to add to the complexities of this world, we also have the responsibility to empower the youth of today with the proper tools to navigate not only their current realities but also the complex local, national, and global concerns they will quickly inherit as they grow into adulthood. Developing young people’s ability to tap into their own leadership potential, regardless of their role in a given situation, is the key to their success as they mature and take on the complexities at hand. This paper explores the work of the Cultivate Conscious Kids to provide a platform for the generation of future meaningful, impactful, and sustainable youth leadership development programming. This framework takes into account the following: the Five Cs of positive youth development (Zarrett & Lerner, 2008), the definition of leadership with its foundation of adaptive leadership supported by Cultivate Conscious Kids organization, a particular approach to facilitation, the curriculum followed in the past programs as well as the feedback received from those events.