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Spring 4-26-2018

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Capstone project: USD users only

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


Conflict resolution in organizations is a function that is typically carried out by human resource departments but should be regarded as skill to be developed in managers. When personnel that do not have a sense of the more complex dynamics attempt to address workplace conflicts, the individuals that are at the center of the problem are treated as though their experience does not warrant a genuine attempt at a resolution. Organizations need to recognize the benefits of exposing managers to conflict resolutions skills and providing opportunities to develop these skills over time.

This applied project is a conflict resolution curriculum for managers in organizations that is specifically designed to proactively address issues while simultaneously earning the confidence of their follower community. The content is designed to focus on the potential of each party that is involved in the conflict and maximize their performance and surpass any previously expected outcomes. Ultimately, the curriculum is designed to fill in a gap that exists in the current state of conflict resolution and personal strengths of managers and leaders in organizations.