Publication Date

Fall 12-11-2018

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Capstone project: Open access

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


With the gradual deepening of economic integration, trade cooperation around the world has become more extensive, and the influence of cultural differences in international trade cooperation has become increasingly obvious. It is becoming important to recognize cultural differences, recognize cultural conflicts arising from different cultural backgrounds, and strengthen intercultural coordination and management of collaborators from different cultural backgrounds. This can facilitate the smooth development of intercultural negotiations despite being a challenging task.

This paper uses the case study method to study the Rumaila oilfield project of Jichai and BP, and it uses intercultural leadership theory to analyze and summarize the business negotiations of the Rumaila project and the existence of cultural differences. The problems that arise during the negotiation and cooperation process are clarified and the methods for solving the problems are found. It is hoped that through the research in this article, it can have a positive impact on intercultural negotiations and generate some useful enlightenment for future intercultural negotiations. By examining this case study, I hope to delve into an analysis.