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Spring 5-11-2019

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Capstone project: USD users only

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


In order to develop youth into the leaders that they have the potential to be, our society must believe in the youth and their leadership capabilities that are still untapped. Taking the time to listen and work with young people will leave a lasting impact on the youth of today and will help them develop into who they are meant to be in the future. More importantly this impact will bring out their potential in the present which is not only critical for their personal success and development, but also for society as a whole. If the young people of today believed in themselves now and continue to learn and grow into the policy changers of tomorrow, their positive impact on the world would be like none other. However, it is not only necessary for young people to believe in themselves, but also for adult leaders of today to bring young people to the table and providing support and opportunity for their true voices to be heard. This youth leadership development program is intended to develop the high school volunteers at the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Auxiliary and the South Bay Community that it serves.