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Thesis: Open Access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies

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Mary McDonald

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Zachary Green


Using Participatory Action Research, this study examined the student and staff’s experience of exploring social justice at the University of San Diego’s Women’s Center. Looking specifically at how the Center shaped the way that we understand and take up social justice, the inquiry examines our understanding and approach to our learning. Through artistic expression and dialogue, the research utilized a participatory approach that offers learning for both those interested justice and those committed to collaborative research models. I offer reflections about my own practice as an educator while sharing insights from participants in terms of the work of pursuing a deeper understanding of social justice. From this journey, we constructed a model of social justice learning, offering a container, pillars, and process to hold such exploration. The latter findings emerged with an intriguing connection to student development theory, offering insight to student affairs practitioners interested in social justice education.