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Oral History

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Spring 2020


Asian American Studies | Migration Studies | Oral History


Nicki Tung

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This oral history interview consists of two different aspects of being a Vietnamese refugee. Escaping with her family as a child, Nicki Tung recalls the life-changing experience of becoming part of the "boat people." Although she was young when she became a refugee, Tung was able to remember, in great detail, her journey on the boat, at refugee camps, and finally in America. For the purpose of this study, Tung has self-identified as a first generation Vietnamese American. Her skills and passion led to 20 years of work with the International Rescue Committee in San Diego. Understanding the real struggles of being a refugee, Tung dedicated most of her professional career helping families resettle and reunite with one another in America. Unpacking the harsh details of her journey, Tung feels fortunate to be able to share her story. For the full, uncut audio recording, please send requests or inquires to

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Nicki Tung- Life as a Refugee.mp3 (4434 kB)
Nicki Tung Interview (Part 2)

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Oral History Transcript- Nicki Tung