Newspaper, The Woolsack (1963-1987)



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Table of Contents:

David Casey Discusses the Operation of The State Bar

Selling Jewelry in San Diego by Ed Perez

Placement Director Resigns; Cites Abundance of Applicants, Lack of Jobs

From the Editor: Technology is the Culprit for the Energy Crisis - Not Ecology [and] The Leadership Crisis; Why Impeachment is Still Likely

Letters to the Editor

Justice at the Pacer: Tips on Time Utilization for the Conscientious Law Student...

A Winning Team Loses Money

Pre-Christmas Examinations? by Brett Goodson

Local Voyeurs Review Flick by the Law Review

Professor Hildreth Has His Heart in Environmental Law and Land Use

Law School is Difficult; Getting a Job is Impossible by Tom Dietsch

ABA President Calls for Impeachment Investigation

The Experience of Clinical Education

Cures for that Xmas Hangover by Gary Schons

Pot and the Calif. Initiative Process

Initiation Rites: Your Grades and the Bar Exam; a Correlation by Mike Hamilton

Professor Morris is into Torts by Mike Bond

Just Who is Who Anyway?

Toughdarts and Treefrogs Tie

Basketball- UCLA and the Also-rans by Martin Wolf

33 Down - A Bladder the Size of a Beachball? by Mike Fox

Moot Court and the Bioma Theory

Moot Court Wins Honors for USD

Found Guilty But Still Not Sorry by Denyse McGriff

USF Law Students Sue for Education

USD Law Students Visit Linda Vista Elementary

De Minimus by Diane Ward

Leading Silent Prayers at the Pep Rally

President’s Comments by Steve Daitch

Soap Opera Trivia

Thumbs Down

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association



Woolsack 1973 volume 11 number 4

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