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PhD Leadership Studies

Dissertation Committee

Nydia C. Sánchez, PhD, Chair Leslie Boozer, EdD, JD, Member Elizabeth A. Say, PhD, Member


queer, queer studies, queer theory, higher education, higher education leadership, higher education administration, leadership, portraiture


Institutions of higher education were historically built to serve a wealthy, White, straight male student population and the leaders of these institutions still largely reflect these demographics. This project specifically aims to celebrate and amplify the life and career of university administrators who identify within the LGBTQ community. Mainly through the use of a portraiture methodology, this three-article study attempts to examine the ways in which LGBTQ identity and career influence one another.

Worldmaking and narrative will be used as a theoretical frame to help analyze the ways in which the telling of a queer individual’s story makes the world at present and in the future, more queer. This research holds significance because it disrupts the heteronormative narrative within higher education administration and shows the unique ways that queer university leaders navigate an institution that has historically excluded them. It also works to archive the story of a trailblazing leader that can inform and inspire future generations of queer individuals looking to make their career in higher education administration.

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Dissertation: Open Access


Leadership Studies