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PhD Leadership Studies

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Afsaneh Nahavandi, PhD; Fred J. Galloway, EdD; Juan Roche, PhD


cultural values, success outcomes, resilience, triple package theory, happiness, job value


Starting in the mid-nineteenth century, people from Lebanon began moving in large numbers to North and South America, Africa and Northern Europe. Today, the Lebanese diaspora is estimated to be around 14 million people. Many Lebanese entrepreneurs worldwide have proven to be very successful in a variety of contexts. However, while there is evidence suggesting that the Lebanese diaspora has been among the most successful around the world, the reasons for this success have not yet been systematically studied. For this reason, there is a pressing need for studies that identify and examine the individual and cultural factors that may contribute to the success of this diaspora. Relying on theories of cultural values and individual resilience, this study examined individuals who make up the Lebanese diaspora in the United States. In this study, 398 members of the Lebanese diaspora participated in a quantitative survey that included 80 questions. Findings indicated that gender and time spent in Lebanon affect cultural values and success. This study further validated the research on the cultural antecedents of resilience. Findings showed that assimilation, competition, superiority, uncertainty acceptance and impulse control are positively correlated with resilience. Additionally, it shed light on the degree to which Lebanese cultural values impact the success of the Lebanese diaspora. Findings showed that the ability to assimilate has a positive effect on income. This study also contributed to the existing literature on cultural research in that it investigated the relationship among various cultural variables. Results indicated that uncertainty acceptance has a positive effect on the ability to assimilate. Another contribution to the literature is related to the relationship among various success outcomes. This study found that happiness contributes to income and job value. Researcher subjectivity, psychometric properties of the survey instrument and generalizability are important considerations in this study. However, this study contributes to our understanding of the demographic and personal factors that have contributed to the considerable success of the Lebanese diaspora. The findings can also shed some light on the success and experiences of other immigrant groups and can add significant knowledge to the field of migration studies.

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Dissertation: Open Access


Leadership Studies