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PhD Nursing

Dissertation Committee

Lois Chandler Howland, DrPH, MSN, RN, Chairperson; Mary Jo Clark, PhD, RN; Kathy Shadle James, DNSc, APRN


health promoting behaviors, High-risk pregnancy, infant outcomes, maternal outcomes, nursing, older adults, pregnancy, Thai, women


This dissertation summarizes research conducted in partial fulfillment of the program requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree from the Hahn school of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of San Diego. The results of the dissertation research are organized as three discrete papers. Article one is entitled; "Reliability and Validity of Thai Translations of Instruments Measuring Psychosocial Factors and Health Promoting Behaviors among Older Pregnant Thai Women." This article describes the dissertation research study in which the selected instruments were piloted at an antenatal clinic in Thailand. The article determines the instruments' ability to examine perceived benefits, perceived barriers, perceived self-efficacy, social support, and health promoting behaviors in older pregnant Thai women. Article two is entitled; "Perinatal Complications in Older Pregnant Thai Women: What We Know." This literature-review provides an overview of how previous research has described pregnant Thai women aged 35 years or older and the factors related to maternal and infant outcomes. Article three is entitled; "Factors and Health Promoting Behaviors that Influence Maternal and Infant Birth Outcomes in Older Pregnant Thai Women." This article describes the relationship between selected factors and health promoting behaviors that influence maternal and infant outcomes. The article also advocates nursing care for older pregnant women that can prevent risk factors and promote health behaviors in order to achieve healthy pregnancy in older women.

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Dissertation: Open Access



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Nursing Commons