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PhD Nursing

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Mary Jo Clark, PhD, RN, Chairperson; Jane M. Georges, PhD, RN; Barbara Sarter, PhD, RN


health literacy, health promotion behaviors, nursing, Samoans, southern California


Limited health literacy is associated with failure to engage in health promotion behaviors. Few studies examine this relationship among Samoans. This study used a cross-sectional correlational design to determine health literacy levels and their relationship to health promoting behaviors in a southern California Samoan population. Health literacy (Short form Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults) and health promotion behaviors (Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile II) were measured in a convenience sample of 87 Samoans in southern California. Data analysis employed chi-square, t-test, and one- way ANOVA. Significant associations were found for health literacy and demographic characteristics of employment and marital status. Significant relationships were found for the demographic characteristics of age on spiritual growth, marital status on physical activity, and education on overall health promotion, nutrition, spiritual growth, and interpersonal relations subscale scores. There was a significant relationship between health literacy and the health promotion subscales for physical activity and interpersonal relations. Most participants were under age 65 and exhibited adequate health literacy. Further research is needed to examine the relationship of health literacy to health promotion in the older Samoan population.

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Dissertation: Open Access



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Nursing Commons