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EdD Doctor of Education

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Susan M. Zgliczynski, PhD, Director; William P. Foster, EdD; Johanna S. Hunsaker, PhD


educational administration, father-daughter relationships, Leadership studies, parents & parenting, San Diego (California), women


Research studies by Cartwright (1970), Helson (1971), and Hennig (1976) have indicated and demonstrated that a father's influence is critical to the development of skills in women who successfully obtained a position in business, medicine, and math, male dominated occupations. The public school teaching profession in the United States is an occupation dominated by women; however, the administrative positions such as principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent positions of school districts are male dominated. This case study investigated the father/daughter relationship experienced during middle childhood, early and later adolescence, and early adulthood of ten women who are currently in positions of principal and/or higher in San Diego County public school system in San Diego, California. Subjects were obtained from the membership of the San Diego Council of Administrative Women in Education. Data collected and analyzed from the Dissertation Interview Information Sheet and responses to the Interview Questionnaire responded to two research questions: 1. What are the commonalities and/or differences of paternal parenting styles between the ten selected subjects? 2. What are the identifying behavior patterns/interactions the father demonstrated that assisted his daughter with and through the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis during her middle childhood, early and later adolescence, and early adulthood years that encouraged and motivated the woman to become a teacher and later an administrator in the field of education? Findings indicated the fathers of the ten selected subjects were encouraging, supportive, and accepting of their daughters' decisions and life goals. Subjects were confident and academically successful students. They were later to become successful goal and career oriented educational leaders. Eight of the ten women were first born. Recommendations were made to expand research studies regarding (1) the impact and influence of the father in the family unit, (2) the father/daughter relationship. (3) the new father and his relationship with his infant daughter, and (4) the coordination and collaborative efforts of all disciplines to share their findings about fathering with social agencies and educational institutions.

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Dissertation: Open Access