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EdD Doctor of Education

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Joseph C. Rost, PhD, Director; Susan M. Zgliczynski, PhD; Edward Kujawa Jr., PhD


children & youth, Delphi study, educational leadership, international resource development, Leadership studies, multicultural education, school-community partnerships


The probable future of international resource development in the local school community for the years leading up to 2000 was researched using the Delphi method--the best available tool for building consensus in emerging fields. A panel of 28 identified experts in elementary and secondary schools and districts from Southern California in the field of school-community relations with demonstrable experience in international education completed three rounds of surveys. The surveys served to identify (1) educational resource people who could bring constructive change communitywide, (2) program developments and school-community partnerships, (3) practical and philosophical goals for fusing international, national, community and academic educational values, and (4) competing demands and pressures. Results show specific, readily apparent trends in each area. Trends from all areas fell into one of four models, each reflecting a distinct perspective of international education. The perspectives are Model I, involving curriculum and instruction values, Model II, involving local multicultural and political values, Model III, involving national economic security values and Model IV, involving more universal, globally shared values. Model IV unites the fundamental values of all four models and complements the findings in the literature on leadership. The strongest trend was towards Model IV, although there was no single, unified consensus the respondents. Model II concerns formed the second strongest trend and provided the basic diversion towards the achievement of Model IV. The author concludes that the emergence of Model IV will have a unifying influence on the traditionally fragmented field of global education.

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Dissertation: Open Access