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EdD Doctor of Education

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Philip Hwang, PhD, Director; Joseph C. Rost, PhD; Edward Kujawa Jr., PhD


adolescents, communication, Leadership studies, problem solving, public secondary schools, Quality circle, school administrators, southern California


The goal of this research was to establish a quality circle at a Southern California public high school and to determine what effect the quality circle process would have on problem resolution and communication at that specific institution. The circle was composed of eight faculty members who volunteered plus an administrator who served as the facilitator. The circle met weekly for one school year. The objectives of this study were twofold. The first was to utilize the quality circle as a process to identify, analyze, and solve specific school concerns selected by quality circle members. The second objective was to employ the quality circle as a means to increase communication among the members of the circle and between the members and the facilitator. The methodology used for this research followed the ethnographic model. The results of this study validated the use of the quality circle process at a public secondary school. The quality circle analyzed long term problems that had diminished teacher morale. The circle formulated solutions that were acceptable to both teachers and the administrators. Some selected concerns were tangible ones such as parking lot congestion and some were intangible such as staff morale. As members cooperated to search for solutions, communication was enhanced. A more thorough understanding developed through communication between the administrators and circle members as they combined skills, experiences, and knowledge to improve the quality of life at the school. Trust and camaraderie evolved and the circle was able to perform its functions effectively and with enthusiasm. All participants were willing to participate again if the opportunity presented itself in the future.

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Dissertation: Open Access