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EdD Doctor of Education

Dissertation Committee

William P. Foster, EdD, Director; Edward Kujawa Jr., PhD; Mary Woods Scherr, PhD


diversity, Leadership studies, minority & ethnic groups, Socio-centered cultures


In our current research literature leaders have been identified through traditional sampling techniques; techniques in which individuals are selected by positions, reputation, and organizational success. The background assumptions for these techniques include that of leadership as a top-down phenomenon, under the purview of CEOs and presidents. Articulated by these sampling techniques is a voice of leadership that is based within the American individualistic culture, a voice from leaders who are white, older, and men. The purpose of this study was to explore whether there are different voices of leadership which are not presently reflected in the leadership literature. Fifteen individuals were interviewed and asked to relate their leadership life story. These individuals were selected based on diversity in gender, age, position, ethnicity, culture, race, and experience. The author found that there are multiple voices of leadership which are not presently reflected in the current literature. These diverse voices of leadership represent a way of thinking about leadership within socio-centered cultures and from a care perspective.

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Dissertation: Open Access