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EdD Doctor of Education

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Joseph C. Rost, PhD, Director; William P. Foster, EdD; Edward Kujawa Jr., PhD


Campus Crusade for Christ International, curriculum, Great Commission Training Center, leadership development, Manila (Philippines), Leadership studies, transformational leadership


The great tragedy today is the dearth of leadership in many of our organizations. The cry for leadership, "Where are the leaders?" reverberates around the world without any active response. Consequently, many organizations have initiated steps to incorporate the process of developing leaders from within their organizations. One such organization is the Campus Crusade for Christ International. This researcher examined the leadership training program of Campus Crusade's Great Commission Training Center (GCTC) in Manila, Philippines by asking nine research questions arising from "How is training for leadership presently incorporated into the GCTC curricula?" A questionnaire was designed incorporating the characteristics of transformational leadership. Document research, interviews, and a questionnaire survey of trainers and trainees at the GCTC provided the data of this study. Findings indicated that there was intention to develop leader qualities at the GCTC but the follow through to bring it about needs improvement. The curriculum showed a priority on leadership development even though it was not explicitly the driving focus for the training. Generally, the GCTC program was effective in developing leader qualities in the lives of the trainees. The preferred training methods at the GCTC included field experience, lecture and small group discussion. The researcher recommended that Crusade leaders and trainers should re-examine and renew their commitments to leadership development, and to call on all staff members to develop and demonstrate leader qualities. In light of the GCTC's commitment to leadership development the curriculum committee should construct a comprehensive plan for developing leadership. Trainers should be developed further especially in the area of guiding the discovery process of the trainees and in their repertoire of teaching methods. This study sheds light for curriculum decision makers in leadership development.

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Dissertation: Open Access