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EdD Doctor of Education

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Robert Donmoyer, PhD, Chair


Grossmont Model, Grossmont Union High School District (El Cajon, CA), Leadership studies, Peer Assistance and Review, perception, professional growth, teacher evaluations, veteran teachers


This study looked at factors that influenced veteran teacher perceptions of the newly implemented Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program in the Grossmont Union High School District. More specifically, the study explored (1) reasons why teachers with at least five years of successful teaching experience voluntarily chose to forfeit their regularly scheduled traditional evaluation and substitute it with a peer review, (2) factors that contributed to positive perceptions of the PAR program, (3) factors that contributed to negative perceptions of the PAR program, and (4) perceived differences between the traditional and PAR methods of teacher evaluation. This study incorporated multiple traditions of qualitative research and used guided interviews as data for the interpretive analysis. The study's findings suggest that respondents' views of the traditional approach to teacher evaluation played a critical role in their decision to volunteer for the PAR alternative, as did a simple desire to try something new. The evidence from the study provides tentative support for the premise that respondents view the PAR experience as the preferred method of evaluation. Respondents indicate experiencing (1) an ownership of their professional growth activity, (2) a desire to continue improvements, (3) changes in their classroom practice, (4) an ability to focus on a specific area in their teaching practice, and (5) freedom to take risks without fear of reprisal should efforts to improve result in failure. However, respondents also indicate that the Grossmont Model of PAR (1) requires more time than that normally involved with traditional evaluation, (2) is incorrectly identified as a remediation tool for ineffective teachers, and (3) requires participants to critically assess their teaching practice - a process, according to respondents, that many veteran teachers are unable to honestly perform. Additional research is needed to investigate whether or not PAR will remain the preferred method of evaluation over a longer period of time. This research would involve identifying if increased professional growth opportunities (as a result of PAR activities) favorably affects student achievement.

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Dissertation: Open Access