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EdD Doctor of Education

Dissertation Committee

Johanna S. Hunsaker, PhD, Chair; Paula A. Cordeiro, EdD; Paul Von Blum, JD


African Americans, Afrocentrism, Christian colleges, graduate schools, higher education, historical case study, Imani Kuumba College (San Diego, CA), Leadership studies, minority & ethnic groups


The study examines Imani Kuumba College, (IKC), an Afrocentric Christian College. Since previous research does not examine any higher institution that provides a type of learning that focuses totally on the study of the Afrocentric world, this historical case study describes a unique educational institution that proposes to teach from a focus designed to raise self-esteem for African-Americans and racial understanding for other groups by studying the African-American experience, historically, spiritually and culturally. The study begins with an introduction that outlines the environmental and societal issues that motivated the creation of this innovative institution and its unique program. After discussion of minority academic achievement and its relationship to societal ills in the community, the study examines Afrocentric Christian Education in an attempt to discover the variables that are important in the history or development of an Afrocentric Christian College. Questions addressed include: Why this type of education, What events led to Imani Kuumba College's creation, and What issues and challenges it faces since it examines the College's past experiences, its present status and environment and how these factors relate to one another. Although the type of education that Imani Kuumba College offers is unique for an institution of higher learning, it is likely that this study can serve as a new design for higher education for African-Americans and others interested in the African world and the African world-view. Thus, this study describes what currently exists in Afrocentric Christian Higher Education and the historical development that led to the present state. Due to the fact that there is no previous study of an Afrocentric Christian institution of higher learning, this case study, therefore can fill in a large gap in the research and can motivate a new area of research. The generational quarrel concerning the most appropriate type of education for African-Americans is introduced, however multiple data sources were used to assure reliability and validity in the examination of the creation of this innovative program that Imani Kuumba College offers as it prescribes Afrocentric education not only for African-Americans, but for non-African-Americans as well.

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Dissertation: Open Access