Date of Award


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EdD Doctor of Education

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Douglas B. Fisher, PhD; Bernard J. Dodge, PhD; Susan M. Zgliczynski, PhD


apparel industry professionals, benefits, colleges, efficacy, fashion students, guest speakers, higher education, instructors, internet videoconferencing, perception, Skype, universities, web camera


The purpose of this study was to explore the efficacy, benefits and student perceptions of using Internet videoconferencing and a web camera to connect college and university fashion students with apparel industry professionals. A total of 70 college and university fashion students, three instructors, and three apparel industry professionals participated in this introductory study. Data was collected through pre and post surveys from all three groups. Industry professionals were invited as guest speakers into the classroom via Internet videoconferencing using Skype and a web camera. The findings in the study indicated that students, instructors, and apparel industry professionals overwhelmingly benefited from this type of interaction. Although technical difficulties occurred, the effectiveness, cost, and overall benefits to the instructor, students, and industry professionals indicate a need to have this type of interaction regularly in the classroom

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Dissertation: Open Access