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PhD Education for Social Justice

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Viviana Alexandrowicz, PhD, Chair; Reyes L. Quezada, EdD, Member; Margarita Machado-Casas, PhD


Bilingual Authorization Credential Program, Dual Language Program, Preservice Teachers, Authentic Care, Cariño Pedagogy


Historically, the concept of care in higher education has focused on academic achievements, neglecting the significance of building meaningful relationships between faculty and students that engage both affective and cognitive dimensions (Noddings, 1994). Teaching with the heart, or corazón, embodies care in teaching. Employed in this study was a mixed-methods, exploratory case study approach that explored the intricate art of care and how faculty foster bilingual authorization credential teacher candidates to evolve into culturally responsive educators. Pearson et al.’s (2021) cariño pedagogy serves as a model that empowers faculty’s humanizing agency. Additionally, the study also reflected on the concept of authentic care (Valenzuela, 1999), which critically examines asset-based pedagogy in a sociopolitical context. Drawing upon these two models, the study introduces the conceptualized notion of Audacious Corazón that reimagines faculty members’ roles, prioritizing student-centeredness.

The findings of the study revealed when faculty are agents of Audacious Corazón, empathy, respect, and self-reflection emerged alongside the affirmed cultural identities of teacher candidates by their faculty. In addition, noticeably centered in this study were the teacher candidates’ well-being and the community of resistance built collaboratively by the faculty and students. The home, or casa, created a humanizing educational space to thrive and grow, which was facilitated by their interpersonal relationship. Ultimately, preparing culturally proficient educators lies with faculty and leaders of higher educational spaces to prioritize relationships and community-building in carrying out the conceptualized nuanced art of care, Audacious Corazón.

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Dissertation: Open Access


Learning and Teaching

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