Date of Award

Spring 5-22-2021

Document Type

Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Manuscript

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Tony Rosales, DNP, FNP-BC


Adverse patient events can have lasting and traumatic effects on members of the healthcare team. In 2019, a Southern California healthcare organization developed a peer support program for second victims (SVs). Despite this program being available to all staff, many nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a metropolitan area entity did not know the program existed. The purpose of this study was to provide education to NICU nurses about second victims and the organization’s peer support program through an online learning module. Participants completed a survey upon module completion. The survey used a simultaneous pre-post survey on nurses’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes of second victims and the organization’s peer support program. Ten out of 11 survey items were statistically significant. Of the respondents, 89% of nurses had not sought peer support following a traumatic patient event. After completing the learning module, 67% of nurses shared they were likely or very likely to seek peer support in the future. Improvement for the dissemination of information about second victims must occur for nurses to recognize themselves as second victims. Due to the ease of accessibility to online learning, the learning module can be shared with other entities within the organization.

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