Application of the Large-Eddy Approach to the Simulation of Turbulence in Uniform Shear Flow

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Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics | Engineering


In the Rogallo approach to the simulation of homogeneous turbulence in uniform shear flow, the equations of motion are solved in a reference frame that is moving with the mean flow. This choice of reference frame allows the application of periodic boundary conditions to the fluctuating velocity components and the use of a highly accurate spectral scheme for the spatial discretization. However, as time is advanced, the reference frame becomes more and more skewed and a regridding of the computational domain using the periodic structure of the velocity components is required. This regridding procedure introduces aliasing errors that are removed in direct numerical simulation. This study addresses the application of this approach to large-eddy simulation of turbulence in uniform shear flow. Results are compared between direct numerical simulation and large-eddy simulation.