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The Chicano Park Murals Documentation Project was born as a result of the Department of Ethnic Studies with support from the Office of Community Service Learning at the University of San Diego (USD) through working collaboratively with the Chicano Park Steering Committee (CPSC) for over two years. It was the desire of the CPSC that the mural restoration project be documented along with all of the other historic murals and sculptures found at Chicano Park. As a result, Professor Alberto Pulido, along with his students in Ethnic Studies 343: “Chicano/Latino Studies” took on the task as a way to learn about the important history of the Chicano movement through the history of Chicano Park utilizing an applied scholarship perspective that is central to the Ethnic Studies curriculum at the University of San Diego.

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We wish to thank all of the students from ETHN 343 (spring semester 2012) who made this project possible. They are: Alexa Sanchez, Daniela Conde, Debora Villegas, Diana Aguiar, Janell Johnson, Jasmine Mallen, Julian Duran, Maria Ruvalcaba, Michelle Padilla, Mina Nhi Nguyen, Sara Padilla, Victor Sanchez, Yasamin Mahallaty with support from our student liaison Chelita Borbón. Tommie Camarillo, Annie Ross, Rosa Olga Navarro, Josie Talamantez, Jessie Constancio, Chunky and Isabel Sanchez and Rigo Reyes from the CPSC and its members require special recognition for working collectively with USD. The artists: Victor Ochoa, Mario Torero, Carmen Kalo, Sal Barajas, Raul Jaquez, David Avalos, Guillermo Rosette, Felipe Adame, Hector Villegas, Mario Chacón, and all the others creative artists (young and old) who have dedicated their lives to making Chicano Park “El Ombligo de Aztlán”- muchas gracias for your support! We thank Katie Gordon who gave her time to take all of these photos along with Todd Stands who provided his photos of the restored murals and Patricio Chávez who took photos of the most recent murals. Allen Wynar from the Media Center at USD patiently guided us throughout this project and gave us the idea of putting it together in a book. Chris Nayve from the Mulvaney Center for Community Awareness and Social Action and Noelle Norton, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences provided financial and emotional support for this project. My colleagues Gail Pérez and Marcelle Maese-Cohen provided great support and guidance throughout the process. -Alberto Pulido


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