Ethnic Studies Senior Capstone Papers


This Ethnic Studies senior capstone course invites advanced students to examine and apply Ethnic Studies knowledge, critique, and methodology to a community-centered internship. Drawing on interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies, decolonizing, and feminist research methodologies, students select and engage a significant social problem through the internship and write a critical analysis paper. Students explore how communities of color identify and address contemporary social issues; synthesize ETHN frameworks with various disciplines across their Core experiences; and demonstrate analytical, problem-solving, and effective communication skills. They utilize various theories and methods, integrate concepts and arguments from other Core courses, and analyze a range of practices and re/sources that culminate in a final paper and public presentation.


Senior Capstone Papers from 2020


Reimagining Reentry: A Vision for Transformative Justice Beyond the Carceral State, Kemiya Nutter

Senior Capstone Papers from 2019


Best Training Practices for Probation Officers and Staff Toward Building a More Sophisticated, Fair, and Effective System of Juvenile Justice in San Diego County, Carissa Carrasquillo